Water management

small retention programmes, flood
and drought modelling

Water management in accordance with the environmental protection regulations is one of the priorities in contemporary environmental management. Problems with accelerated draining of rain and thaw water, flooding, dilapidated water-drainage infrastructure and growing investment pressure are faced by those managing urban, rural and forest areas. When we complete this list of problems with increased numbers of extreme weather events resulting from climate change, a conclusion must be drawn that analyses and documentation developed with a high degree of expertise are invaluable tools in preventing and minimizing the effects of the above phenomena. Our team has extensive experience in developing documentation regarding those issues, which resulted in many publications in the field of planning small retention using the GIS tools

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We will prepare for you:

  • small retention programmes using the latest GIS tools,
  • flood and drought modelling,
  • permits required by the Water Law Act,
  • hydrographic analyses of the area, designation of partial catchment areas, determination of the range of flood areas, flood risk assessment,
  • dewatering projects,
  • hydraulic modelling,
  • hydromorphological assessments.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!